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PGNet 2009
The 10th Annual Conference on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking & Broadcasting

22nd & 23rd June 2009


Since the early 90's we have been witnessing the convergence of telecommunications, data networking and broadcasting. The coming together is becoming more and more important as can be seen by the multitude of services provided over digital networks, ranging from information retrieval and multimedia data, to telephony. The communications technologies (cable, satellite, data networks) are being harnessed for the provision of a wide range of interactive services as opposed to the specialised provision of earlier decades.

For example, digital TV will not only be used for programme distribution but also increasingly for teaching and learning, commerce and general entertainment.
pgnet 2009

PGNet 2009 is an initiative supported by key industrial and academic players in the fields of telecommunications, data networking and broadcasting, for the creation of a forum for UK based postgraduate students in these fields, to enable the exchange of ideas and experiences. The gathering, which is intended to become an annual fixture, includes conference presentations and workshops. This will provide the much needed training and preparation for the future.


PGNet 2009 will also be attended by well known researchers, industrialists and broadcasters in these areas and therefore will provide the crucial feedback mechanisms required in the development of the research and the young researchers.

Telcos, like BT, are looking to re-focus their business from pure telephony to a generic information service provider.This convergence of telecommunications, data networking and broadcasting has very important implications for globalisation in the businesses (as can be seen by recent mergers e.g. Warner and AOL). It also has a major impact in everyday life from shopping and entertainment to education.

An important benefit that would accrue out of such a gathering is the cross fertilisation between the different disciplines and mix of experiences and interests and will lead to the development of a
network of people.

The participation of postgraduate students in forums of this type is a vital activity in the development of the UK research base. The exchange between young researchers and leading experts should provide an exciting and stimulating environment for the development of quality research. It is also an opportunity for postgraduate students to build industrial contacts and forge
future partnerships and collaborative work.