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NEW - GDTW 2005

Liverpool John Moores University and the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences


The Second Annual International

Workshop in Computer Game Design and Technology

A two-day event of lectures, tutorials and exhibitions on Computer Games Research and Development

15 16 November 2004

Venue : Liverpool Moat House Hotel

Liverpool John Moores University


Click here to see the relevant advert as appeared in develop magazine (edited by intent media) in PDF format.











The design and creation of modern computer and video games demands an ever-increasing sophistication and technical expertise. This drives the computer game industry into a more interdisciplinary and complicated one. Long gone are the days when good games are produced by lone programmer sitting in a dark room for days on end. Instead, they are replaced with a group of strong programmers, artists and hardware specialists.

This ever-increasing demand in human resources requires the industry to be able to recruit people who have more knowledge in computer design and programming straight away. To answer this demands, academic institutions do their share of effort in providing these people.

As one of the pioneer institutions which spearheaded the introduction of computer games technology degree, the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University proudly presents the second annual workshop in computer games technology which aims at bringing students, academics and developers in the computer games industry closer together. In addition, this workshop is also endorsed by several game companies, middleware companies, and other organisations supporting the UK games industry. This year the workshop is extended to two days to include tutorial, exhibition and research presentation sessions in addition to the usual high quality lectures from several great names in the industry.

The aims of the workshop is to:

1.      To provide a forum to discuss state of the art games design and current and future games technology with the specialists.

2.      To facilitate relationships and collaboration between academics promoting Computer Games Technology courses, the UK games industry and supporting organisations.

3.      To allow students studying Computer Games Technology to make early contact with key players in the industry, enabling them to learn firsthand about games development, and the challenges of working with and for a fast moving technology.

4.      To provide games companies and related industries the opportunity to present their companies, products, job opportunities, and to discuss and discover alternative technology for game development.




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